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We have a dedicated team of analysts at who have been in the business for the last 5 - 7 years and have consistently delivered the best penny stocks to watch on the best performing penny stocks.

The penny stocks to watch are then compiled into our periodic newsletter which is sent out to our subscribers and team members who will get to enjoy the fruits of our research and find out which are the top companies that they can choose to invest in without any worries.


We only believe in giving out the best stocks to watch today to our subscribers. Hence there are some weeks which we do not even put out a newsletter if there are no companies that we deem are suitable for updating our members about. Here at we strongly believe our subscribers to be the sole driving force for our site, and hence we only want to give them the very best information with regards to the stock market.


Making money on the stock market is all about timing and here at we aim to give our members the best information at the most opportune time way BEFORE the rest of the market gets wind of it. Our penny stock newsletter is able to do this as we have a very keen team of analysts, such as cameron fous, who are constantly checking on new companies or old companies that have made changes to their set up. These companies would then have a huge potential for growth and it is this growth that we are excited about and it is the information on this growth that we pass on to our team members and subscribers.

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